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Export Shipping

Ninh Company provides a wide variety of local & overseas shipping services to meet all your heavy equipment shipping needs. In addition to the transport, packing and overseas shipping services we provide for clients purchasing construction equipment & heavy trucks from us, we also offer a variety of shipping services separately, including -

Overseas Packing / Shipping of Heavy Equipment

Do you have heavy trucks or construction equipment you recently purchased from another seller in the USA, that you need shipped to your overseas location? We can help!

We are experts in the packaging & shipping of heavy equipment overseas. We can provide transport of the equipment to our facilities, packaging / containerizing of your equipment for safe & secure overseas transport, and arrange shipping to the overseas destination of your choice.

If you have any heavy equipment you need shipped overseas, please contact us for further information.

Local Shipment Pick-Up & Delivery for DFW

In addition to our export shipping services, we also offer local pick-up/delivery of shipments of both heavy equipment as well as other items for locations in the greater Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex area.

We are a registered UIIA member, and have direct access to all the local rail and shipping facilities. We are also fully equipped (dry van, flat bed, drop deck, low boy, etc.) to properly handle all of our customers' heavy equipment and other transport needs.

If you are local to the DFW Metroplex area and are looking for shipment pick-up or delivery services, please contact us for further information.

Overseas Shipment Tracking

For customers who have purchased heavy equipment or shipping services through us, you can use the handy links below to track the location and status of your overseas shipment -
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