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Sell Your Salvage Freightliner
Truck to Us!

We Pay Top $$$ for Salvage Freightliner Trucks!
Do you have a salvage, "totalled" or broken Freightliner truck? We can buy it from you! Even better, we can give you more $$$ for your salvage truck than you can typically get for it from an insurance company or auction!

How can we afford to be so generous to you? By utilizing the difference in labor costs in our overseas markets. Major repairs that here in the USA can easily run into the thousands of $$$ in labor alone, can be accomplished for far less at our overseas facilities. Due to the massive difference in labor rates, your salvage Freightliner truck is often quite literally worth more overseas than it is here in America, and we can pass that extra money to you!

So before accepting an offer from an auction house or insurance company for your salvage Freightliner truck, why not contact us first and see how much $$$ we are willing to pay you? Just use our quick & easy inquiry form below!

NOTE - we are only interested in purchasing Freightliner brand trucks at this time.

Salvage Truck Inquiry Form
Company:  (if any)
Telephone #:
Brief Description of Salvage Truck(s) you have:
(model, year, condition, location, asking price (if any), etc.)
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